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    Welcome to the Oliver Herring | Task blog for the June 28, 2008 Task performance at The Seattle Public Library.

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Task List

Here is the full list of Tasks from the performance:

1. Add 1 article of clothing from each participant to your outfit and wear it for 15 minutes.

2. Corral at least 10 participants into a tight group (they should continue to execute their tasks) for 5+ minutes.

3. Make a bed; select the person who is the most unlike you; lie down together with that person; engage in a conversation about love.

4. Write 3 very imaginative tasks and submit them to the task pool.

5. Beautify the parameters of the elevated stage.

6. Make yourself a uniform. You are now the security officer on stage for the next 1/2 hour. (You can continue to execute tasks if it doesn’t distract you from your “job.”)

7. Get 30 members from the audience to line up in formation (outside the stage) while you “drill” them for 5 minutes.

8. Give a guy a sensational makeover.

9. Give a girl/woman an exceptional makeover.

10. Choose 3 participants either much older or much younger than you. You each select 1 piece of writing. Read simultaneously for 5 minutes while facing the audience.

11. Climb the tallest ladder and give a political speech without ever mentioning a party or candidate.

12. Cling to another participant for the duration of his or her tasks.

13. Find 2 soothing pieces of music/sound and play simultaneously on both boomboxes.

14. Braid 2 participants hair together. They should at least execute 1 task together like this.

15. Invite 2 viewers (preferably tourists) onto the auditorium-part-of-the-stage and give them “insiders’ perspective.” This should take about 5-7 minutes.

16. Find 2 people that look the most like each other. Make them face each other without telling them why (2 minutes). Then explain your task to the audience.

17. Stretch a string.

18. Be George W. Bush without telling people that you are George W. Bush. Do this for 5 minutes, then write 2 tasks from the perspective of George W. Bush.

19. Lie flat on the ground (back or front) and slowly slide along the “corridor” (the stretch that connects the elevated stage to the escalator) at least twice.

20. Repair or renew.

21. Cut out the letter SEATTLE (very large) and rearrange into 1 great anagram. Display prominently.

22. Create a private space for someone else.

23. Pollinate a tomato plant using an electronic toothbrush.

24. Access your fellow participants. Who do you think you’d be at least likely to encounter in your normal day-to-day without telling them why.

25. Make a picture or sculpture of Mt. Rainier on a rainy day.

26. What is the most absurd recent piece of news you can remember? Write it out big and post it somewhere.

27. Build a mountain of paper cups.

28. Write and choreograph a musical. Then find some people to perform it.

29. Create a secret society within the task participants group. It must have the following elements:
*a secret handshake
*an initiation for all new members
*it must grow to the size of 20 members.

30. Ask someone to feed you something. They have to feed you without you using your hands.

31. Dance to the music.

32. Ask someone with a cell phone to call someone you love and tell them how you feel about them. You can’t talk to the person yourself.

33. Using materials at hand, make a device to write something. Don’t use existing pens, pencils, or markers.

34. Do as much damage to social security as you can in 2 minutes.

35. Do a cartwheel.

36. Gather some people, head to toe, to encircle 2 4 x 8 sheets of cardboard.

37. Sing a song from your childhood in a voice of your childhood. Find another person to teach it to. Then present it to a small group.

38. Make a yo-yo and teach someone how to yo-yo.

39. Transfer manufactured items to the edge while moving that which is handmade towards the center.

40. Invent and make currency and begin trading it for tasks.

41. You have ants in your pants.

42. Find some people and sing a song.

43. Throw a temper tantrum.

44. Get 5 members from the audience to take pictures of you while you hug them. Have them promise to add these pictures to our blog, https://taskseattle.wordpress.com

45. Stack up the books on the Resource Table on the west side of platform.

46. Stay still until someone in the audience interacts with you.

47. Figure out what someone’s task is and thwart them.

48. Have a conversation with yourself in gibberish.

49. Make a cardboard fort.

50. Make a new shirt or dress for another participant to wear during their next 4 tasks.

51. Design an outfit using clothes pins and toilet paper. You will need a model.

52. Toilet paper a group of 3 task members. Then yell “Task is anarchy!!”

53. Tell someone about a childhood experience and have them tell you one of yours.

54. Build an armor coat.

55. (symbol of arrow up.)

56. Tape someone’s mouth shut.

57. Scream whoo whoo whoo.

58. Work out and perform a choreographed dance to the song of your choice on the theme “Forest Animals.”

59. Create good karma by blowing negative objects away from positive people.

60. Stare quizzically @ someone until they walk away or say the word “what.”

61. Propose to someone.

62. Make a post-it note vest.

63. Do not speak until you can get a member of the audience to touch you.

64. Find the stack of cotton balls. Take someone to them and get them to tell you why the cotton ball stack is beautiful.

65. Freak out. Seriously freak the fuck out.

66. Make a necklace for someone you love and give it to someone you like.

67. Find someone drawing a task and add to their drawing.

68. insatiable expression.

69. Get at least 10 other people to do the macarena with you for 5 or more minutes.

70. Find the book “A Silent Sky” on the small round table. Read any page to 2 library patrons. Shake their hand.

71. Explain to people the benefit of drilling in the ANWR.

72. Write 5 excellent new tasks.

73. Make a timeline of the history of human civilization. Be as thorough as possible. Make it physically large.

74. Develop a secret handshake with another participant.

75. Use props to create a pet. Include your pet for the next 3 tasks.

76. Ask 3 people in the audience for their signatures.

77. Live your life and when you are done stop performing.

78. Go to multilevel stage and throw beachballs in the air for 5 minutes.

79. Make a crdboard flying carpet.

80. You are playwright. Create a short dialogue as Shakespeare might have written it. On one foot.

81. Chickendance between stages.

82. You are a bird with an unusual mating call. Practice your call 3 times then find your birdie-mate and do the call together.

83. Design a small vehicle and roll it down the steps on the stage (the stage that is a pit) over by the 5th Ave door.

84. Lay on the stairs and roll around moaning for 2 min.

85. Go intensely read a sentence in a book while turing in a circle.

86. Confess a secret to an audience member.

87. Make a flag from provided props & lead a parade from stage to stage.

88. Read a piece of writing to at least patrons.

89. Go neaten up the cotton balls on the steps near the stage. Enlist help to do so.

90. Make a huge nest out of blankets. And put the pink “eggs” in it.

91. Give everyone directions to Santa Fe for seven estimated minutes.

92. Slaughter a plastic cow.

93. Wrap yourself in a foam cocoon.

94. Give someone a hug.

95. Create a clothes pin currency.

96. Make a hat for someone else. They must wear it during the next Task they perform.

97. Fly

98. Put a clothes pin over your nose, and the nose of someone else, and have a conversation about: 1) the weather, 2) a time you were very happy.

99. Tell people about your unhappy childhood.

100. Explore the absolute limits of the stage space.

101. Use the colored straws to build yourself a crown. Wear it until the first break is over.

102. Build a tent with 3 other people & sit in it for 7 minutes (on multilevel stage).

103. Change the timeline of human civilization.

104. Live as a plant.

105. Destroy a prop.

106. Follow & mirror (mimic) someone (preferably a patron) for 5 minutes w/o talking.

107. Take another person for a picnic at the beach on the lower level.

108. Ask to borrow the typewriter. Type a love letter. Deliver it.

109. Choose a piece of music & create a dance w/ at least 3 task peopled at least one patron on the auditorium stage.

110. Write a novel.

111. Ask 5 people where babies come from. Record their answers. Announce to everyone, “until today I didn’t know where babies come from. Now I know that they come from ______.” Then choose the silliest answer to fill in the blank.

112. Pick one of the paths between stages and establish a road block. Anyone who passes must first tell you a secret. Learn at least six secrets before disbanding the roadblock.

113. Find a ball & play a game with at least 3 other people (on the big stage) at least two outsiders (not Task people).

114. Get 4 other people & all of you wear the masks on the front of the Task stage. Conduct a cartoonish adventure across all three stages while wearing the masks.

115. Tie yourself up so well that only someone else can release you.

116. The beachball is your head & walk from one end of the stages to the other.

117. Wrap yourself in toilet paper and proclaim that you are not disposable.

118. Go look at the stairs going down to the stage. Come back and write a task for someone to do over there.

119. Crown someone your king/queen & saunter the entire path of the Task stages with your joker and entourage (of at least 5, including you, spouse, & jester). Don’t forget to do the Miss America wave with cupped hand and smile.

120. Make anyone wearing a silly hat take it off.

121. The ground is hot, it hurts your feet.

122. Draw a self-portrait with your eyes closed.

123. Army-crawl from the stairs where the task box is, to the stairs that go to the other stage.

124. Turn someone with long hair into a robot.

125. Find 2 people to get on the tall and short ladders — hold up the support our troops sign and sing God Bless America in unison.

126. Wave at someone who isn’t there, then laugh in slow motion.

127. Give someone a piggy-back ride while they perform their next task.

128. Tell everyone it’s Steve’s birthday and have them sing “Happy Birthday”.

129. Curl up like a kitten on the multi-levels with a ball of yarn.

130. Run back and forth counting backwards from 9 to -3, 4 times.

131. Choose a prop & go to the auditorium stage and create a piece with at least 2 people (one patron).

132. Make a dance (footprints & arrows) diagram on cardboard. Encourage others to try it out.

133. Create a cardboard cutout of yourself.

134. For ten minutes: Practice slack rope walking using bamboo balance pole and white 60-foot rope laid on floor.

135. Find the girl in the café named Elly and tell her “Chris loves her.”

136. Layout and label areas of the stage. Provide signage and direction along the paths.

137. Run between all three stages yelling “The British are coming! The British are coming!” continually until you’ve been to all three stages.

138. Flaunt your elbows.

139. Project Runway- speed round. Use tape and paper.

140. Use your large antenna to fell your way from one stage to another.

141. Ride the yellow escalator to go to the area overlooking the task stage. Sing Happy Birthday to me” as loud as you can– the whole song!

142. Please round up herd and bring them to the pasture in front of the Task writing platform. After they have eaten, please milk them.

143. Stand next to each ladder and shout “This is not a ladder. I am a ladder. Climb me to the sky.”

144. Make a large sculpture out of tin foil and cups.

145. Make another stage area over near the escalator. Use the blue tape on the table and whatever you need for paper.

146. Get 5 people with glasses to do a dance.

147. Find 2 people and share with them a fear of yours.

148. Choose 2 props and a game with 5 people (two being patrons).

149. Do something you want to do.

150. Find someone of the opposite sex. Ask them to marry you (get on one knee and present a ring- either one of your own or a paper one you’ve made). If they say “no” tell them, “I dislike dark chocolate.” If they say “yes” tell them, “I am climbing Mt. Rainier later today.”

151. Pretend a bunch of helium balloons is pulling you off the ground.

152. Get a group of 3 task participants and 2 spectators and teach them yoga for about five minutes.

153. Play frisbee.

154. Find a spectator willing to dance with you.

155. Make name-tags for all of the participants, but the names are all wrong. Get as many people to wear them as possible.

156. Find paper or art supplies and make an image, sculpture, or assemblage that reminds you of a time when you had to leave behind a place where you had an experience that left a strong emotional impression on you. Use images and/or text. You may even want to write a country song about it.

157. Sing “Row, Row, Row Your Boat” as a round with 7 other people– patrons can be included.

158. Start a “real” conversation with some member of the audience. Then gradually allow it to get more strange…very strange.

159. Unspool an entire roll of toilet paper flat on the floor, never touching or crossing itself, entirely within the stage space.

160. Find 3 other people to do Abu Ghraib with you; two are prisoners and two are guards.

161. Block the path with numerous obstructions.

162. Find your mommy. She must be here, somewhere!

163. Keep going. You are almost at the northeastern stage. 🙂

164. Tell someone a story from your childhood that you have never told anyone. Ask them to tell you one from their childhood as well.

165. Take a ten-minute nap.

166. With a partner, carry on a “string telephone” conversation for five minutes. (It can be in any language. You may choose, or in a language that you make up.)

167. Turn an audience member into Optimus Prime using cardboard. You will be Megatron. Battle Optimus.

168. Wear the red hat until lunch.

169. Make a timeline of your friendship with someone.

170. Take a CD & scratch it so that it skips when played. When it gets to the part where it skips, turn it up loud for one minute and let it skip.

171. Destroy one of the structures that have been built so far.

172. Use a piece of string, two pieces of cardboard, three hats, and four people to act like tourists. Use your own made-up language and make a name for your country of origin.

173. Pretend you’re walking a dog all throughout the Task stage.

174. Draw maps of stages and paths. Leave stack on Task Table and post large (minimum 3′ X 3′) in front of Table. Points of interest are good.

175. You must copy this message five times and give it to five people. This becomes their task.

176. Ask someone at the library ti check out a children’s book about elephants. Have them place the checked-out book next to the Uncompleted Task Box.

177. Pretend you’re playing basketball.

178. Try to do a headstand or a handstand.

179. Turn this piece of paper into a paper airplane and throw it from the highest place you can find.

180. Read a book on the walkway and act annoyed whenever anyone walks by.

181. Dividing the cows into two equal groups, conduct an epic battle.

182. Play a game of soccer. Two goals, eleven players on either side.

183. Have a paper hat fashion show with ten people.

184. Skip around the entire stage area. Twice.

185. Do something that makes you feel beautiful.

186. Get five other people and do a 3-on-3 tug of war match on a level of the large stage using rope.

187. Ask five people what their first job was and what their boss at that job was like.

188. In the style of a circus/sideshow barker, entreat libray patrons to come see TASK– style is everything for this one!

189. Send a super-top-secret message to one spectator. Make sure no one else sees it and STAY ON THE STAGE!!

190. Give 40 members of the public misinformation about TASK.

191. Do the waltz with another Task participant.

192. Play the Korby Lenker CD. Write down how the song makes you feel. Write a task intended to make someone else feel the same way.

193. Tell ten people that they should avoid corn syrup because it contains genetically modified corn, which is not a sustainable crop.

194. Become a cardboard monster and scare people.

195. Call a loved one and say “Hello. How are you? Well, hope your day is going swell! See you later!”

196. A flood is coming to the library and the waters are rising to the top of the table people are writing tasks on– warn people of the flood and help them to keep paper, pens, tape, etc., dry.

197. Find the pink “egg” (puff-ball thing) and wreck the paper cup castle.

198. Color in one part of your body with markers.

199. Give yourself a break. Sit and read a book for five minutes.

200. Exchange names with another person and make each other name tags that you will wear for the next ten tasks.

201. Get the people watching us in the cafe to vote on whether they prefer kittens or puppies. Display the results of the vote on a large piece of paper in the stage area. Label votes for puppies as “kitten haters” and label votes for kittens as “puppy haters.”

202. The night is longer when you read poetry.

203. Convince someone that they have dishonored the group and must commit seppuku*
*an honor suicide

204. You r a librarian. Organize the task reading table.

205. Make a sword and shield and challenge someone to battle.

206. Stage a sit-in with 3 others and try to provoke others by your refusals.

207. Create a bill of rightss for task. Spread the news to all participants.

208. Blow up 6 balloons and get 6 people to pop them in the stage area with stairs.

209. Use the buckets for a drum solo and have someone be your fan.

210. Tape pieces of debris together with 3 color of tape.

211. Borrow Harriett’s scarves and find 3 people to stage a 1 minute Martha Graham dance on the main stage.

212. Find “Walden.” Memorize the first line. Recite it to 3 people.

213. Scream!

214. Ask the next person you see with a camera out to take a picture with you.

215. Rub tummie and pat yur head.

216. Do the most “performance arty” thing you can imagine. Do it for at least 5 minutes.

217. Ask a library patron to tell you a knock knock joke. If they refuse, make an animal noise and ask someone else.

218. Have a tea party for 2 other people.

219. Feel at peace with yourself at least for a minute.

220. Lay siege to the northeastern stage.

221. Make a clothesline. Hang “?” Talk about merits of solar energy.

222. Get from the west stage to the lower stage without having any part of yourself or your clothing/shoes touching the ground.

223. You MUST copy this message 5 times andn give it to 5 people. This then becomes their task.

224. Find a male wearing all black and a backwards hat and give him a hug.

225. Steal someone’s hat, preferably without their knowledge.

226. Write “Big brother is watching you” on all write-on-able objects.

227. Make a box of marshmallow treat (closed and unmarked). Conduct a public auction of the “mystery box” with 5 chosen task members. They will pay with balloons.

228. Find a partner and go take a 3 minute nap on the big stairs on a mat.

229. Take a 5 gallon bucket and start a 3 piece band. Perform your song for 4 minutes. Make it catchy.

230. Spill your life story to the next person who walks by.

231. Ask an audience member to sing their favorite song from Grease.

232. Go learn a rule of etiquette you did not already know from the M iss Manners book on the resource table. Stand on a ladder and yell the rule three times.

233. Ask someone to tell you how they are feeling about Task so far.

234. Find two other fans of the Simpsons. Quote some of your favorite lines to one another.

235. Find an audience member in a blue skirt and white top. Ask her to tell you what is happening to her next week.

236. You are the gatekeeper. Make a key. Find the TASKMASTER and ask him to resign his system of “just us”.

237. Find two Task members and arbitrate their divorce.

238. Run for President. Develop a campaign slogan and make at least 10 people say it with you. Then ask those ten to make everyone believe it.

239. Locate the best singer and make them serenade you.

240. Go find the piece of hair stuck in a magic carpet. Find its owner.

241. Make a club and get a few members. Make a secret handshake and give each other nicknames.

242. Look on the supplies/props table. Find the page with the shaker song “Simple Gifts”. Find 3-4 others to sing it with you. Add simple dance steps if you like.

243. Pretend you are violently ill.

244. Ask two audience members what accomplishment they have made that they are proudest of.

245. End the “just us” task.

246. Create a torch, grab a book, find a pedestal, and become the symbol of liberty in NY harbor.

247. Subvert a task in progress.

248. Make a drawing, sell it for $5 OBO.

249. Create a game with two balls and at least 10 people – including at least 3 tourists or patrons.

250. Appoint a police force. It is now illegal to wear hats. Arrest all who do.

251. Go to the break room, get three bottles of water, and bring them to three other participants.

252. Create a musical with a last 7 people and perform it to an audience of 10 patrons.

253. Bounce. A lot.

254. Decorate/clothe the cardboard cutout located in the stage area.

255. Do something that will help the world become a better place. Then write a task that encourages someone else to make the world a better place.

256. Find a play on the table of writings and recruit 4 people to perform it with you.

257. Write four tasks that won’t embarrass someone when they do them.

258. Create a system of justice and enforce it on ALL task members.

259. Sing the sleepcountry theme song in front of at least two people wearing jeans.

260. Take the cows out for a walk, but stay on the path.

261. Find the purple poem and take it to the women wearing the purple scarf.

262. You must copy this task message 5 times and give it to five people. This then becomes their task.

263. You must copy this message 5x and give it to 5 people. This then becomes their task.

264. Do not speak for 5 minutes.

265. Make a cast for your leg.

266. Make a slide for the cows on the multilevel.

267. Liberate the cows.

268. Conga line!

269. You must change the message 5 times and give it to 5 people.

270. Write a haiku and read it to a group of 6 audience members.

271. You must copy this task message five time and give it to five people. This becomes their task. I will modify this task by reducing the number to 1.

272. You must copy this message 5x and give it to 5 people. This becomes their task.

273. Put all the hats you can find on your head and walk around saying “caps for sale” for 5 minutes.

274. Be a toll collector at the escalator from the 3rd floor to the 4th floor. Fare is .01, exact change only. The task is complete once you’ve collected 5 cents.

275. Make a tinfoil wig “BIG” and model it for people.

276. Find 7 other people. Get into a circle and do the Hokey Pokey.

277. You must show this drawing to everyone wearing black shoes and socks.

278. You must follow Oliver Herring for 5 minutes, without saying a word.

279. Replace all the “Welcome to ________ Stage” signs with signs that say “Welcome to the Jungle!”

280. Cancel task. Make sure everyone knows including the on lookers.

281. Find as many “Task Travelling Notebooks” as you can. read their contents alud, then put them back somewhere other than where you found them.

282. At the break, trade pants with someone.

283. You must copy this message 5 times and give it to 5 people. this then becomes their task.

284. You must copy this message 5 times and give it to 5 people. This then becomes their task.

285. Milk a cow. Sell the milk.

286. You must copy this message 5 times and give it to 5 people. this then becomes their task.

287. Go to the youngest person you see and turn them into their favorite cartoon character using toilet paper and markers.

288. Speak in tongues.

289. Tell someone what you think of Task so far.

290. Stand in front of the task box. When someone takes a task say “I’m sorry” and mean it.

291. Read something to yourself. Mouth the words as you read, but do not read out loud.

292. Interview a person of the opposite sex for 5 minutes, then have him/her interview you. Use a mic.

293. Go eat lunch. (unless you already did)

294. Write a thoughtful message about “Task” in haiku. Perform it on the top big step on the stage. Make sure at least 5 people are listening.

295. Write the longest word you can think of, at least 3 times, each time on a different surface.

296. Make a new pet species and show off your pet on the blue walkway.

297. You can stop any task at any time for anyone.

298. Make a broom and act like you are cleaning up their mess.

299. Make a promise to 5 other people about how you will make the world a better place.

300. Write 5 tasks dealing with books.

301. You must copy this message 5x and then give it to 5 people. This then becomes their task.

302. Walk backwards until a non-task participant stops you and asks why. Reply loudly KSAT! KSAT!

303. Compliment someone. But it has to be sincere. You have to really believe it.

304. Take a 3 minute break with a partner in the small ladder fort on stage.

305. Make a hopscotch board. Get 2 people to play hopscotch with you until someone wins.

306. Gather enough people to hold hands around the smaller stage. Proceed to do the wave 3 times.

307. Make a hat fitting for an artist. It must include the word “artist” on it. Find an artist and put it on their head.

308. Perform the chicken dance with 4 audience members and 2 task members.

309. Move the task finished box to the toilet paper field. Tape a task to the spot where the box wasand have the person bring it back to it’s right full spot.

310. Begin a quest for the holy grail(“Finished Task” box). Gallop triumphantly with the box back here to it’s resting spot. Look to the field of “papier de toilette”.

311. Sit with another task participant and tell each other one childhood fear in detail. Discuss how you’ve coped (or not)/ overcome (or not) this fear in adulthood.

312. Try to touch the roof with props (within reason).

313. On the 3rd floor, room 123, a womb, a pelican, the stork, a mommy and a daddy.

314. Have a mad hatter’s tea party. You will be the mad hatter. Find the white rabbit, Alice, and two other paticipants. During the tea party each participant must change places with the person to their right until you have come all the way back to your place.

315. When you were a little kid, what did you want to be when you grew up? BE IT.

316. Tape a chair to the large blank cement wall that faces the entrance. It must not be touching the ground.

317. Find another Task participant and then each of you goes and gets one library patron who will let you do their hair. Preferably a female patron who appears to be friendly.

318. Lay on your back and put your bare feet in the air. Wiggle your toes for two minutes and giggle.

319. Sell your autograph to members of the audience. $2 per signature (real money only).

320. Stand at the bottom of the elevator and tell at least ten people how old you are, and then tell them how old you really feel.

321. Meditate for two minutes. Think about nothing.

322. Go to the adjunct stage no. 1A. Stand on the stage and ask library visitors whether they are going up or down. Tally their replies below (on this paper).

323. Find a book you have read and enjoyed on the shelves on stage. Take the book to someone else and tell them why they should read it.

324. Compliment three people genuinely.

325. Organize the TASK table.

326. Write a “MAD LIB” based on the three little pigs. Give it to someone else to answer. Have a third person read it aloud on the ladder.

327. Tell everyone you see copying to stop this nonsense and go to lunch.

328. Make an outfit out of tubes.

329. Choose a book you do not know. Read the title, author, and last line to one other person.

330. Walk along the path to the escalators in slow motion.

331. Pester an information booth attendant with dumb questions.

332. Make a book group of three people total. Give them a book. Tell them to discuss the book for three minutes.

333. Spend 15 minutes tidying – then tell five people where you have organized things.

334. Find a poem in the stack that people brought, read it, and re-enact it for an audience of at least four people.

335. Find someone to interview. Find out their name, marital status, age, and biggest goal for the future. As they answer, yell out their responses so the entire library can hear.

336. Deconstruct and re-stack the North Stage area.

337. Lift a person (lying on their back) on the hands of many people. (i.e. recreate the press photo from the New York TASK)

338. Use fourteen props to make a scale model (not to scale) of a room that you’ve lived in. Then share it with a patron and have them write their name on it.

339. Have a conversation in pig latin.

340. Ask two other people to help you remove the large cardboard wall from the upstairs performance space.

341. Find the tallest thing and make it taller.

342. Write a task for the beach party.

343. Throw a party, complete with invitations. Make this as elaborate as you can.

344. Go to the break room, bring back five drinks, give them to both participants and audience members.

345. Find the 60 foot long nylon climbing rope, white, 3-strand twist and return it to its storage place under the three tables.

346. Change the music CD.

347. Throw something soft at the beach party. If the party is over, throw something soft at someone who was in the beach party.

348. Be the change you wish to see in the world.

349. Grab another person. One of you be a cop, one be the robber. Steal an item from an unsuspecting third Task member. Have the cop chase the robber through all three stages yelling things like “You’ll never take me alive, copper!” and “Come back here, thief!”

350. Hop on one foot all around the blue walkway.

351. Present a 2 minute, 23 second (exactly) architectural evaluation of this Rem Koolhaas designed library building using as many cliche phrases as you can. Do this standing in the North East stage.

352. Take the box of finished tasks and dump it in front of the person typing the tasks into the computer.

353. Overturn the prop tables & have someone spin you like a merry go round.

354. Walk the line with your eyes closed and a partner guiding you.

355. Tap someone on the shoulder, but then act nonchalant. Do this to 4 people.

356. Make a lawn chair and sunbathe in a sunny spot somewhere on the Task stage.

357. Write a Task manifesto and post on the revolving door in the western stage.

358. Find someone to interview. Find something about that person that they have in common with another member you have met at Task. Introduce them and present what they have in common.

359. Preach!

360. Draw a portrait of an audience member, then give it to them.

361. Perform a wedding ceremony to two inanimate objects.

362. Grab a piece of cardboard on the main stage and breakdance in front of 3 other people.

363. Sing a pop song opera style for an audience of 3.

364. You and a partner are going to battle in a “Scavenger Hunt Royale.” Each of you has to collect the following. When you are done, run to Oliver and shake him and say “I am the BIG winner of the scavenger hunt royale!”
Player 1:
An earring 
A shoelace
A pair of glasses
A belt
A rubber hair band
Player 2:
An earring 
A shoelace
A pair of glasses
A belt
A rubber hair band

365. Whisper to people in your own language.

366. Build some cow armor, put it on a cow, and try out your sales pitch to the camera.

367. You must copy this message 5 times and give it to 5 people. This then becomes their task.

368. Make an awesome fort.

369. Do a cartwheel!

370. Get 4 people, Task performers or not, to imitate walruses for one minute.

371. Travel around the revolving door until someone else enters and then slow down, way down, until they are free. Be safe.

372. Write a short scene with at least two characters. Present a performance in front of the West stage. Family audience material only. Political satire encouraged.

373. Crumple into balls 20 sheets of paper & pick someone to have a snowball fight.

374. Be a therapist and have your “patient” tell you all their emotional problems.

375. Take a piece of writing that was brought in, read it, and then tell another person about what you read – a la book club.

376. Read palms.

377. Choose a partner – both of you- speak a nonsense language together in front of one other person. Then leave mad when she doesn’t reply.

378. Create an extra limb. Jab 5 people with it. Find a doctor to amputate.

379. Go join someone else’s task for 5 minutes & put this back in the task box.

380. Get two other people to help you estimate how many diamond windows there are on the library and then ask the librarian to see how close you are. Write the guess and the real number on the BIG Task map on the front of the Task table.

381. Ask someone on a date.

382. Create a pair of nunchucks and use them.

383. Ask someone to reveal something secret about themselves. Then post it for all to see.

384. Make a full length carpet & wear it around the library.

385. Lead a line dance with 10 or more people that covers the whole area. Bring in at least 5 patrons or tourists.

386. Introduce a new vocabulary word or phrase. Put it in a sentence and tell 5 people to use it in conversation within the next few minutes. Can’t think of a phrase? How about “In a pushcart”?

387. Find a non-task person, and ask to have a short conversation. Sit down by the plants in front of the elevated stage. When you talk with this person, look only at a plant.

388. Get 5 people – audience can be included – and do “Ring Around the Rosy”

389. How many stories are in the library? Hint: it is more than 10. Write your answer on the big Task map.

390. Become a portrait artist to the public. Ask 2 people if you can draw their picture, then try to sell it to them.

391. Tell 5 people your favorite joke while they are performing a task. They don’t actually have to be paying attention.

392. Make a new and better Task box. Decorate it in a VERY cool way!

393. Make a cup of fake coffee and find a quiet place to enjoy it.

394. Do someone a favor (and put this back).

395. Find someone who “speaks another language” and find someone to “translate” what he/she is saying.

396. Kiss 4 different cows for Oliver on camera (clue – some down near beach).

397. Find the librarian in charge and thumb wrestle. Make sure to lure them onto the stage before battling.

398. Corral 5 cows into a small pen you make yourself.

399. Make a curtain for the fort with french fry trays.

400. Make a special task box for the little girl with pink shorts. Put in two tasks for her. Give it to her.

401. Engage Harriet in a conversation about Obama. Try to convince her that you think Obama might be a terrorist. Or if you are Harriet, throw a balloon at a stranger.

402. Write a one-sentence personal goal which you want to do in this next year, share it with one other person and put it in your pocket to take home.

403. Choose one poem on a paper by itself (not in a book). Stand on ladder, choose and read three phrases in the poem (2X each) which resonate with you.

404. Give a panel discussion about Task. Use at least 5 people.

405. Use the taillight under the prop table for your eyes.

406. Stand by the green plants (and on the blue path) and announce to all library visitors, “Welcome to the Tacoma Art Museum, this is our lettuce farm.”

407. Do the right thing – be polite be kind!

408. Dodge-ball with at least 10 people.

409. Go down on your knees, facing east, & bow down & breathe deeply 5 times.

410. Choose a favorite piece of writing & share your feelings about it with another person.

411. Build a grocery cart and go shopping for random objects.

412. Make a racetrack out of one full piece of cardboard. Find someone to name and race an empty can with (there are some one the multilevel stage). Don’t forget to make a trophy.

413. Put ten blank pieces of paper in their own envelope and drop them in the to-do Task box.

414. Sing your favorite song. You don’t have to sing to anyone, but sing it. All the way through.

415. Build a throne. Find a ruler (crown them). Worship ruler.

416. Be a commercial jetliner and take passenger down the runway. Be sure to experience mechanical breakdowns & delays.

417. Pretend you’re surfing on the blue stairs.

418. Ask everyone you meet for the next five minutes for a hug.

419. Teach an aerobics class on the part of the stage that has steps – you stand on one step and your “class” (of 5 people – task participants or observers) stands on another step.

420. Make Oliver Herring say “I solemnly swear allegiance to the socialist republic of Task. One people united under the tissue paper flag of art. To blue land I pledge my blood and internal organs, should they be needed for a Task.”

421. Find 5 non-Task people, and ask them “What is one item with which you always travel?” Then, collect or make the items and put them in a bag. Give the bag to a Task person, and wish them a safe journey.

422. Find two other Task members. All three of you find a single audience member and coax them to the blue paper stage. Whoever gets the audience member to step on the paper nearest to them wins great cheers from the other two Task members.

423. Go to the beach party (big stage on steps) at 1:05 & find a chick to make out with. The party is over! 1:30 pm

424. Gather 5 people together. Have a discussion about the types of tasks you’ve been enjoying or disliking. Ask everyone to write a task that they think others will enjoy. Collect the tasks, put them in the task box.

425. Create the best box.

426. Put the lion mask on the sculpture near the “ladders” (look on the Task map).

427. Turn every unoccupied chair on it’s side.

428. Ask the 2 volunteers sitting at the information board to trade seats.

429. Have an argument with a cow. Loudly. In a public place.

430. Tent the entire lower stage using the white foam rolls in the lower stage. String these from the top step to the wall overlooking the amphitheater. Tape or weight the sheets in place.

431. Find the Rumi piece in the written section & read passages of it to 10 or more people (at least 5 patrons or tourists) return the piece to the writing area.

432. Make the biggest tape ball you can within 2 minutes. Bestow it on an audience member as a gift.

433. Find someone with tattoo(s) and have them tell you about each of them.

434. Draw an emotion on the big white cardboard – pass it on to another to draw the opposite emotion on the other end – in the middle draw a raft.

435. Go to the western stage with as many people as you can. Take down the fort and rebuild it into a house for the people you gathered. Then pretend to have dinner as a family.

436. Kill the white devil and write freedom in his blood.

437. Sumo wrestle.

438. Make a pond for people to throw their wishes into. Find 15 people, give them an object to represent a penny (or give them a penny) and ask them to make a wish, but keep it to themselves.

439. Choose one book. Ask someone else to read you one sentence from it which s/he likes.

440. Find a partner to spoon with a see who joins. Create the longest train you can.

441. Count the number of books on the bookrack on the western stage. Post your results for all to see.

442. Walk around telling people “I don’t understand what you are talking about and never will.” Say this to 5 people. Do not wait for a response.

443. Give 16 people high-fives.

444. On the path by Task table, pick up burlap bag & find a partner to do a 2-legged race to the end of the path.

445. Find someone to repeat you reading this task: “I am reading so you repeat what I’m reading. I am thus teaching.”

446. Swing dance with someone.

447. Find 4 people. Use the upper auditorium (steps) area. Conduct a group language lesson – each person says one word at a time, translates, and the others repeat it. Then all clap hands once. Any language can be used. Vocabulary should include food, greetings, and furniture.

448. Refuse to talk to anyone for 2 minutes.

449. Ask the librarian if you can sharpen all the pencils. They are getting dull. Thanks!

450. Choose a piece of writing, then read it aloud to an audience. Solicit feedback.

451. Gather a crowd and do a Buddhist meditation chant.

452. Find the Miss Manners book. Find a rule of etiquette you do not agree with. Tell 2 people the rule and why you don’t agree.

453. Go to the upper auditorium (steps) area. Use squares of paper to write dialogue for one scene in a silent movie. Have 2-3 people act while 2 others read their dialogue aloud.

454. Play thumb-of-war 3X in the middle of the library between the escalator and Task stage.

455. Three legged race!

456. Ask the guy on the mac what his name is and write it here: David.

457. Tell the little boy who keeps putting “sumo wrestling” in as a task that none of us are really the right size for sumo wrestling, and we’re very sorry. He’s wearing a blue Patagonia shirt.

458. Grab a square shape of butcher paper. Find a performer’s shoe and replicate the shoe print on the paper. Their task is now to repeat this task until the sheet is full.

459. Mime eating an ice cream cone while walking on a summer day.

460. Take anything someone cleans up and/or moves and put it right back where they took it from. Repeat.

461. Go around and tell 5 people: “I won’t do anything and Oliver Herring can’t make me.” Then enlist them to say it with you in front of Oliver’s movie camera.

462. Lay down on the path to the main stage and attempt to take a nap. Use something for a pillow and blanket. Lay there for two minutes.

463. Put on the ski mask, then “ski” down the terraced stage, making whooshing noises and shouting, “whoo-hoo!!”

464. Play catch with 10 people using toilet paper on the western stage.

465. Panhandle in the path between stages.

466. Get Oliver to let you film him.

467. Go up the ladder and do a George Bush presidential press conference (at least 3 reporters and 1 press secretary introducing you).

468. Find someone in the group and write a personal ad about him/her.

469. Come up with a cheerleading routine for your favorite literary character. Perform with about 6 people. Extra points for pyramids!

470. Take presents to the volunteers in our Task break room.

471. Get hugged

472. Give someone a new hairstyle.

473. Go fishing for compliments.

474. Help someone complete their tasks for 2 minutes.

475. Get two people plus you. Form a straight row side to side. Do the wave.

476. Add some more decorations to the new task box.

477. Sing the smurfs’ theme song while spinning around with your arms outstretched.

478. With a least 10 people – 5 from the patrons, sing a round of Frere Jacques, Row, Row Your Boat, White Choral Bells.

479. Clean up as much paper litter as you can.

480. Create a wedding ceremony for any two members of Task. Make a dress, and suit. Officiate teh ceremony, but instead of saying “You may now kiss one another” say, “You many now go back to your task.”

481. Cover an entire surface in Post-Its.

482. Assemble 10 things to make sound. Perform a concert.

483. Destroy someone else’s Task project while they’re working on it.

484. Have a conversation with someone on the 5th floor balcony about pizza or vampires. Your choice. 3 minutes, minimum.

485. Clean the western stage for 15 minutes.

486. Walk between all three stages warning spectators to “Watch out for snakes!!” while pointing at imaginary snakes.

487. Get organized.

488. Pretend that you are a taxi driver. Pick people up and drop them off wherever they want. You HAVE to pretend that you are from Queens, with accent, and smoking a cigarette.

489. Interview Oliver Herring for 3 miinutes. Stay on task! Get it?

490. Do something you think demonstrates the evolution of our Task society. Tell 15 people what it is you’re doing.

491. Lay on the floor and throw a temper tantrum for 1 minute.

492. Make a braid. Either out of string or hair. And the hair doesn’t have to be head hair!

493. Interview someone but instead of listening to their answers interrupt them with another question.

494. Create an art exhibition in the blue fort on the stairs. Invite folks to the opening celebration.

495. Ask someone for a lock of hair. Cut it yourself.

496. Lead an aerobics class.

497. Take 3 tasks from the box and change 1 word in each. Replace tasks.

498. Create a Bobby McFeren voiceestra concert for the public with at least 15 people (5 patrons). Each person has a repetitive voice part and one person starts and a new person comes in with each cycle.

499. Make a group of 4 people. Each group person simultaneously propose marriage to a bystander nearby. Exhibit joy and excitement for whatever answer you receive.

500. Walk around with a cow like it’s a newborn.

501. Be a plant for 10 minutes next to the plants.

502. Take 2 blue markers, act like their guns. Go around shooting people.

503. Make business cards and distribute them to audience members, at least 20.

504. Introduce two Task participants you think are compatible. Organize a wedding ceremony for them. Cake is optional. Invite many guests.

505. Move the tallest ladder to the back corner of the upstairs stage.

506. Provide a blank enveloe to five library visitors. Have them make a task on a blank sheet and deliver to the task box.

507. Put the books back on the book shelves in the manner of a librarian.

508. Braid someone’s hair.

509. Pour water on your head. It doesn’t have to be a lot.

510. Load a small band of slaves while whipping them.

511. If there is still a little boy in a yellow t-shirt playing on the west stage, take some markers to him and play with him. If he’s gone, write a poem on the ground about him.

512. Re-enact a scene from a western on the western stage.

513. Make an article of clothing to wear.

514. Add a page to “task: a novel” (under task box). Read it to another performer. They must add a page and pass this task on until page 8 is reached.

515. Juggle 3 rolls of tape for five minutes.

516. Follow someone around for 6 minutes but don’t let them see you.

517. Pretend you’re a tornado. Create an object with centrifugal force. Destroy something on stage.

518. Move the upstairs boom box to the big stairs. Plug in and play music.

519. Write your name on your hand.

520. Make a pile of confetti, then throw it around and sing “I’m so Excited” with 3 other people.

521. Have an argument with an inanimate object.

522. Find someone and compliment them for some aspect of their appearance. Ask them how you could improve this aspect with yourself. When they offer a suggestion take it as an insult and ask them to elaborate.

523. Move TASK flag to the downstairs stage.

524. Take the light stands off the table.

525. Find a CD, put it in, press play, and start singing along, whether or not the song has words.

526. Find 1-2 other people. Invent a new handshake or form of greeting. Demonstrate your new greeting to another task.

527. Provide some shade for one chair at the task table.

528. Read Horton Hears a Who to another participant.

529. Stage a monster wrestling match. Get 2 participants to make their own monster costumes. Make a ring. You will be the ref. Make yourself a striped shirt and whistle.

530. Consider the timeline of civilization: 1) Why is the past so under-represented? (as compared with the future) Stand in the west stage and deliver a 3 minute lecture on this subject. 2) Graphic displays not obligatory.

531. Move the task table to a location of your choice (within the performance area).

532. Tell someone a happy story about you.

533. Wave at an unsuspecting recipient until they wave back. Then give them a hug.

534. Find the poem about the pearls and the Paris dancing girl, Marie. Read it to a person you think is nice. Show them this paper after.

535. Put together a team of 5 to remove the lights from the task table on stage and move both tables on stage to the stage by the big steps.

536. Take the tables on stage to the beach.

537. With 10 to 15 people, clean up the small staging area.

538. Leg wrestle someone clearly weaker than you. And win gratuitously.

539. Create a card game and play it with 3 other people.

540. Cut down the person taped to the post. (if she is still there.)

541. Play truth or dare.

542. Get 15 task participants to go into the blanket house for 1 minute of silence.

543. Act out your morning routine. Take 5 minutes.

544. Add a mileston to the timeline of human civilization. Then put this back in the task box.

545. Tell Oliver you want to hook up later. Give him your real phone number.

546. Liberate the woman who is taped to the column.

547. Find someone with your shoe size and switch shoes with them.

548. If Julie is still trapped, rescue her and go get her a coke.

549. Smash the houses on stage.

550. Gather a group of 10 people (task participants or visitors) & walk around the whole stage christmas caroling. Sing at least 3 songs.

551. Play a prank!

552. Tell your favorite joke to 10 people.

553. Get someone to wrap you up with butcher paper like a fish.

554. Claim the checkout desk facing 5th street in the name of Taskelvania. Don’t forget the flag.

555. Write 5 fun tasks.

556. Give someone a wet willie.

557. Go break up that complacent non-task oriented group conversation by the Task table.

558. Play telephone with 6 other taskers.

559. Get everyone to the western stage to take part in a crabwalking race to a finish line near the entrance to the lower stage.

560. Wearing the headlamp and carrying rope, rescue Julie.

561. Collect a joke from 3 task members and write them on the back of this paper.

562. Move 3 chairs from upstairs stage to 3 stages downstairs.

563. Neaten one step on the eastern stage.

564. Get an audience member to play with the beach ball with you.

565. Write 5 tasks involving games.

566. Play a game of tic tac toe with a stranger.

567. Give a tour of the library near the task area, highlighting the architectural features.

568. Add another speech bubble to the cardboard guy on the steps.

569. Play hide and seek with 5 other taskers.

570. Tell someone:
1)Your name
2) Your neighborhood
3) Your occupation
4) Your favorite animal
Then, ask them to repeat it back to you.

571. Find an observer and serenade them with a romantic version of the ABC song.

572. With a partner, move all 6 chairs on stage to the stage at bottom of big stairs.

573. Manufacture a functional catapult and use it against an unwitting victim.

574. Play screaming toes: get in a circle, everyone stares at someone else’s toes, look up on the count of 3 and if 2 people make eye contact, they scream and they’re out.

575. Have a foam-tube sword fight.

576. Ask someone “if bread always lands butter-side down, and a cat always lands on it’s feet, what happens if you tie a piece of bread butter-side up on a cat’s back and push it off a shelf?” Demand an answer, then argue with them about it.

577. Be someone’s mirror for 5 minutes. No talking.

578. Rebuild the houses on stage.

579. Move 3 more chairs to Task table from big stage by the books.

580. Tear apart a book w/a partner while saying “I hate reading.”

581. Find 4 brown cows and give them a new home.

582. Tell someone about something or someone that is very important to you.

583. Tape up your face with scotch tape like peewee in the beginning of PeeWee’s Big Adventure. Get people to do it too! We love group work.

584. Play charades w/ at least 4 other participants.

585. Make a cow zip line in the northeast stage area.

586. Take 10 minutes or less to just zone out as you watch others stay engaged on a real task.

587. Make another task participant into a robot. Have the robot do something to make someone’s life easier.

588. Change clothes with opposite sex.

589. Take 2 people into the little house and read them 1 or 2 chapters from the Task novel. Tuck them in for naps.

590. Lead a group of at least 4 people in some stretching. During stretching time, everyone’s name will be Fred.

591. Write a poem based upon a task you observe. Find someone to read your poem to. Or- put the poem up someplace as a sign. Put this back in the Task box.

592. Create the world’s largest yo-yo with one other Tasker.

593. Be the person you always wanted to be!

594. Interview another participant about their goals for the next year, 5 years, 15 years.

595. Gather all the task participants into a circle and have each say four words which start each with T, then A, then S, then K.

596. Get 7 people – audience included – and play duck, duck, goose in the center of library in a circle.

597. Make a raft/boat and paddle around with 3 other people. One can yell stroke!

598. Make a pond and some fish and poles and a lunch. Find a friend and go fishing. Catch a REALLY big fish.

599. Make a six person pyramid.

600. Send a present up to the fourth floor using the escalator.

601. Make a drawing that depicts how you feel right now. Post in a visible place.

602. Destroy/tear down whatever tasks people are working on.

603. Find twenty six members to call out the alphabet. Each must call out a letter until the alphabet is complete.

604. Find a partner and play paper, scissors, stone. Winner is 3/5. Then find another opponent for a playoff.

605. Build something that another participant needs to complete a task.

606. Make a snowman.

607. Find the masks. Collect as many taskers as masks and have a masked ball to music.

608. Find a book on the shelf by the windows and have a reading. Invite people to watch.

609. Try to pick a verbal fight/argument with Oliver. Get another Task member to help.

610. Dance the Madison.

611. Gather a group of 10 people (Task people or visitors) and walk around the whole stage christmas caroling. Sing at least 3 songs.

612. Stretch the roll of brown paper (under the Task writing desk) from the desk all the way to the big pile at the western stage.

613. Make a post-it name tag for each Task participant and put them on.

614. Walk around both stage areas while balancing a paper tube on your palm.

615. Play walking tag w/10 people.

616. Stand very still for at least 3 minutes. Do it somewhere where you’re in the way.

617. Stand in the amphitheater stage and lipsync to the oratorio “Erbarme Dich” on the boom box.

618. Make an outline of you own body in marker somewhere on the walkway.

619. Yodel once a minute for five minutes.

620. Nap time now. Amphitheater stage.

621. Act like a zombie until you are instructed to stop.

622. Get someone to let you take pictures of them with their own camera.

623. Do something with all that twine.

624. Create 5 new (your choice) bullet “Rules of Conduct” poster for the library based on Task.

625. Gather up a group of people and play laser tag.

626. Crawl into fort badass task. Emerge, and proclaim loudly, “I hate this task!”

627. Pick a page at random in the “Task Novel” and read the next two pages outloud.

628. Make a fake sack lunch and ask them to pretend to eat it. While they eat it, pretend to be totally grossed out.

629. Compliment 20 people.

630. Make a rubber band chain long enough to stretch across the top of the east stage.

631. Go encourage someone with their task until they are done. Don’t help, just encourage.

632. Gather as many masks as you can and bring them to Lauren.

633. Play foursquare.

634. Strap the red pads to your feet and go snowshoeing.

635. Grab someone else in Task, go over to the main stage and have a 5 minute conversation with them. Ask them about themselves.

636. Get a visitor to do 5 situps with you.

637. Make a cape and become a superhero.

638. Make a cow parachute. You know what to do with it.

639. Take a hike to the farside and see what’s up.

640. Gather up markers and tape them together.

641. Write 5 tasks with games involving singing or words.

642. Get 4 other participants and make up a song about Task. Sing it in front of 5 other people.

643. Make a jail. Make yourself the sheriff. Arrest 3 people and take them to jail. Fine 3 people for something ridiculous. Fine them 100 something. Write them a ticket.

644. Find an observer and tell them home great they are…gush excessively.

645. Talk like a pirate, only stop talking when someone else talks like a pirate to you.

646. Drink an entire bottle of water. Take a bow.

647. Rip up something that someone is working on.

648. Teach someone to do something you know how to do and they don’t.

649. Get people organized one at a time.

650. Welcome 10 people to the Library.

651. Do a tap dance performance solo, for a group of 4 people.

652. Pretend this is your cell phone. Pretend like you are arguing with someone for 3 minutes.

653. Play a song and dance around to the song with a cardboard bowl.

654. Give someone a cool new tattoo on their bicep.

655. Poll the viewers on these questions:

*Do you have a clue what this is about?
*Do you wish you were a participant?

Keep count of yeses and noes on this sheet to turn in.

656. Make a twine and foil bracelet and necklace for an observer.

657. Stand near someone you don’t know. Quietly make a fart noise and say excuse me then leave.

658. Wrap your legs with the whole roll of tinfoil and then throw the box.

659. Stand at the front door and greet everyone like they are at a restaurant for 10 minutes, and ask if they have a reservation.

660. Get 15 people to do a whistling symphony.

661. Lick yourself clean like a cat for 2 minutes.

662. Make a winter wonderland with snow and snowflakes.

663. Have a prom party and put on funky music and dance. Make your date a corsage.

664. Tell 5 people (Taskers or not) that they have nice straight teeth.

665. Dance like no one is watching.

666. Get someone to throw paper wads from the upper level. Catch them in the silver paint cans.

667. Stage a fist fight. Start by getting in a loud argument. Make it look real.

668. Ask five people for a kiss.

669. Take the 2 task boxes back to the original stage.

670. Wrap someone else’s arm in foil or saran wrap.

671. Make a map of the U.S. and give a TV-style weather report. Recruit a camera person.

672. Wearing a mask, walk sneaky-like to the other stage.

673. Find someone you find attractive. Ask them to make out with you.

674. Give the dead guy CPR. This will resuscitate him.

675. Create a carnival.

676. Make a hand puppet out of white paper bag. Then talk only thru the puppet to Oliver for 1 minute.

677. Stand and watch people as if you are not a participant. Ask the person next to you if they’ve been watching. Then start acting itchy and twitchy and walk away sneezing.

678. Find 4 people to go to jail and be various animals at a zoo. Make noise. 2 minutes.

679. Ask 3 people if you can smell their armpits.

680. Make a congo line.

681. Be quiet with yourself and stay seated until time is up.

682. Sing a song. Loud.

683. Tell Oliver he’s fired. Make sure he’s filming when you tell him.

684. Make a sculpture using ALL of the glue sticks.

685. Have a conversation with an inanimate object that has the same first letter as your name.

686. Clean up. A little.

687. Make a sandwich with at least 7 different ingredients.

688. Create a superman costume for Harvey using the burlap bag.

689. Hold a board meeting. Wear ties, make graphs, and argue about the stockholders. Laugh about how much money you have. You know, business stuff. Need about 5 people.

690. Go dance the waltz with Bruce.

691. Create a story chain with whomever you meet. Start with “a funny thing happened the other day.” Get someone to add on. Then you state the next part (that you just heard) to the next person who will add on. No limit – but get to the end.

692. Give someone else a sharpie tattoo (preferably this would be a consensual situation, but not necessarily).

693. Make something large with the neon straws.

694. Find your favorite fellow Task participant. Tell them why they are your favorite.

695. Play hide and seek with 3 other people.

696. Build a fort with a massive door and recruit two guards to man the entrance.

697. Do Salome’s Dance of the Seven Veils – 2 minutes

698. Pretend like you are on “Supermarket Sweep” w/ another person. Load up your grocery carts w/ as much stuff as possible in 30 seconds.

699. Go to the house and meditate for 2 minutes.

700. Have beach party part II. If you weren’t in the 1st party, find someone to explain it to you from Group A.

701. With one sweeping arm gesture, sweep everything off the task table.

702. Create.

703. With 5 other people clean up the beach party debris @ the auditorium.

704. Yell real loud at the Task table “Everybody scram! The cops are here!” Then run away.

705. Cover someone almost completely in blue tape.

706. Collect all of the cows and take them to the barn.

707. Choose a poem & read it on the top of the ladder.

709. Lift person on hands (as in DC promotional photo).

708. Take Oliver’s camera from him and follow him around filming him for 2 minutes.


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  1. i love the Bazooka of Megatron, i don’t understand why they did not include it on the movie …

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